Day 29: The Crawl Space

365-Day 29 by t.goff
365-Day 29 on Flickr.

This is shot no. 9 in the Fear Series. Today’s shot is a composite. I tried getting it all in one exposure but couldn’t because this was a tight space. The bulk of what you see here is one shot. The grate has been cut from another shot and dropped into the main to better show the smoke coming through the grate.
Shot Specs for both:
30 sec @ f/22, 25mm, ISO 100, Canon 480EX II strobe @ 1/1 (#23 Orange & #12 Straw gels stacked)
How I did it: For the main shot (all but the grate) my strobe is flat on the floor behind the door, pointed away from the door and into my Flash Bender, which is curved to bounce back onto the back of the door and show through the window and cracks. For the isolated grate shot with smoke, I snooted the strobe and stuck it between the wall and the dryer (on the left) pointed across the plane of the grate. The smoke is from insense tucked into the bottom back of the grate.


6 thoughts on “Day 29: The Crawl Space

  1. I love the orange/black color contrast. It’s hard for me to tell what the space is, maybe open the door more or give more of the hallway leading to this?

    • I agree, Brendan. I was relying on the title to help me with this. I thought the dryer on the left might also lend a clue to the scale, but it may be hard to make out what it actually is. A bit more depth might do the trick. It would definitely make it more apparent that this is a small space.

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