Day 28 – Snakes & Swing Sets Don’t Mix

365-Day 28 by t.goff
365-Day 28 on Flickr.

This is No. 8 in the Fear Series. Today’s shot opportunity presented itself in the form of this creature. My youngest had told me yesterday that there was a snake under her swing so she didn’t feel like swinging. I blew it off. Kids…such imaginations. Today she was skiddish about going out to swing, so I told her older sister to go with her. Minutes later, they ran back inside…”there’s a snake, there’s a snake!” Sure enough. There it was. Right where her feet would go. By this time my oldest is on the ground, poking it with a stick. I, of course, ran back into the house to grab my camera. Snakes scare me, as they do many. In fact, the next shot in my camera was a blurry one of me ducking in response to this guy snapping at me. Ha, and I had my 300mm lens!


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