Day 21: Don’t Deny Your Inner Clown

365-Day 21 by t.goff
365-Day 21 on Flickr.

I’ve cut my teeth on this 365 thing with 20 days now under my belt. I’m getting the hang of making time for daily shooting and editing, and some of the stress is melting away. Stress, of course, is completely different from fear. Trust me; there’s always plenty of that. After chatting with a few others and noodling it over myself, I’ve decided to amp up the challenge a bit by giving myself monthly themes. This will force me to focus the subject of my shots a bit more and it will push me outside my comfort zone. And for the month of October the theme will be…(drum roll please)…clowns. Ha, just joking. The theme will be “fear”…anything that inspires fear, reflects fear, relates in any remote way to fear. Yeah, I’m leaving it fairly open because…uh…I’m scared. Now about today’s shot: This is shot no. 1 in the fear series. It was taken in complete darkness; strobe is in the bottom right of the frame and pointed at my the clown’s face but has been edited out; strobe is set to 1/64, is snooted, and is modified with Rosco Strobist filter no. 39 (skelton exotic sangria). There isn’t much editing going on here other than some boosted blacks and the disappearing strobe.
Incidentally, if you find yourself hung up on the fear of making and/or sharing your own art, whatever it may be, Art & Fear: Observations On the Perils (and Rewards) of Artmaking is a fun and nerve-boosting read.


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