Day 17: No Business Like Show Business

365-Day 17 by t.goff
365-Day 17 on Flickr.

My subject today was Spot. He’s already a lazy sort, but during our shoot he grew so tired of my modelling directions that he just gave out. At any rate, I was back in the macro studio today for this one. My goal was to see if I could really make my black backdrop pop. I was okay but not entirely happy with how it looked in “What’s So Funny?,” so I thought I’d try a different lighting set-up. This time I snooted my strobe with a Rogue Flash Bender, which may I add is a fun little tool, and put it directly above Spot. An ordinarily shaped snoot (the exact size/shape of the strobe) wasn’t really cutting it for me, because I wanted a dramatic, stagey feel to the shot, as if Spot were in a circus ring. Because of the awesome utility of the Flash Bender, I was able to wrap the end of the snoot into a coned shape, almost a point, to give me a nice focused strobe. I did have to boost the blacks a bit in post to get the disappearing background effect, but I was okay with that. Spot was just happy when we were done.


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