Time to get my Lightroom on

Mr. Cheeks on Flickr.   Ground Squirrel in St. Elmo, CO, 2012

After some urging from my circle of photog friends, I recently downloaded Adobe Lightroom 4 to give it a whirl. I’ve been editing my shots via Adobe Elements for years and was content. But, I kept hearing how Lightroom was so much better and would really give my shots an extra edge. After playing with it for 10 days of my 30 day trial, I am hooked. For the most part it’s super user friendly and seems to allow me to intuitively control settings I really didn’t understand before, like masking. The clone/heal tool is a little disappointing, as it’s not as easy to transition from what I was used to with Elements, e.g., see bottom right below the squirrel’s tail in the above shot. (Yes; that’s a squirrel.) I cloned out a chipmunk; and it’s a little messy. But I’ll get there.


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